the hiring, administration, and training of personnel.

HR Professional

Personal HR meets cutting-edge technology

HR made human again.

As a business in order to cross your t’s and dot your i’s, it’s imperative to have a sound Human Resources management system. Payroll Assure partners with trained Human Resources professionals who’s primary goal is to ensure compliance and administrative ease in a user-friendly format.

Payroll Assure has strategically selected an HR team that will assess your company’s current HR administration and provide insight on proactively protecting your business, employees, and overall management performance.

Below is a snapshot of what the experts provide:

  • Trainings
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Employee Handbook Review
  • Updates to Policies and Procedures
  • New Hire Orientation


Meet your HR MVP.

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What We Do

Our strategy at Payroll Assure is simple – we would like to provide you an HR professional to become your partner. This HR professional becomes an extension of your business to capitalize on having payroll and employee benefits information in one single database giving you more control at your finger tips.

  • Create an enrollment strategy to boost productivity
  • Organize your company and employees to meet compliance requirements
  • Assist in deciding on your benefits for your company size

How We Help

When it comes to Human Resources, there’s a number of items to check off a lengthy to-do list. Our team at Payroll Assure understands what a challenge this can be and we’ve created the ultimate support system.

  • Collaborate with our HR Professional to maximize the convenience of payroll data and benefit administration as a single source solution
  • Develop an optimized audit process
  • Help achieve higher employee satisfaction

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