Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration

Strategically maintaining human capital management

Managing your employees’ benefits made easy.

Data entry is time consuming, especially when it comes to benefit deductions. Why deal with the headache of keying in information when you can simply proof-read a final list? That’s where we come in. Payroll Assure manages your benefit deductions of all lines of insurance. We compile the correct data, input the appropriate amounts for each employee, cross-reference with your insurance broker, and provide you with a clean format to give the final thumbs up.

Benefits Administration

Don’t be blindsided.

You’re not being asked to trade in your insurance broker.  We are happy to work with your existing broker to assist and manage your benefits for you.  Finally, a team that can play as one on the field!

How we help

At Payroll Assure we help you reach your company and business goals by relieving you of the benefit administration burden. We understand one size does NOT fit all. Our team of professionals will customize a benefits administration strategy designed based on your needs and your ideal workflow.

  • Assist in meeting each expectation set by compliance laws
  • Increase productivity with optimized employee management
  • Reduce exposure to compliance-related penalties
  • Create automatic alerts and employee-friendly reminders (examples: missing information, office birthdays, etc.)
  • Working in conjunction with your existing insurance broker to coordinate efforts, not duplicate them

What you need to do

It doesn’t take much to start working with the expert team at Payroll Assure.  We have the flexibility to make the implementation process convenient for you.

  • Give us a call at 978-254-3500.
  • Talk to one of our consultants who will get to know you by name – not a client number – and who will continue to be a contact for your company.
  • We’ll help you choose the best options for you.
  • Say goodbye to complex and confusing benefit tasks – we’ll take it from there!

Are you ready to let us handle managing your company's and its employees benefits?

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