Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why is Payroll Assure different?

  •  Our Management team has over 50 years of experience
  •  We DO NOT OVERSELL OUR SOLUTIONS. Our sales team focuses on the needs of the client and delivering those solutions. Unlike our competitors, we do not bundle expensive packages that force clients to pay for services that are unnecessary nor ever used.
  •  We utilize an industry leading platform; clients will not outgrow our system.
  •  We view our firm as a service company utilizing cutting edge technology. We’re not a software company – software is only as good as the people using it.
  •  Our experienced team maximizes the power of our platform ensuring the greatest benefits and value.
  •  We have maintained a client retention rate of 98% over our careers that clearly demonstrates a team that cares about the client experience.

2) Changing payroll companies has always been a “nightmare”; how does Payroll Assure handle conversions?

  •  We are so confident in our process and conversion team, that we guarantee it! If we can’t get your set-up done correctly, then we will refund your set-up fee and give you the first month’s processing fees for free.
  •  The Conversion Team is the key. Our employees will show you the difference between employees that care and the ones that just collect a paycheck.
  •  We publish every step of the conversion online so there is complete transparency. This holds our teams accountable to provide a smooth and accurate conversion with no surprises.
  •  You can see all the corrections we make throughout our QC process.
  •  Our team proactively surveys our clients throughout our relationship to ensure we are exceeding your expectations. Client referrals will happen if we exceed your expectations, otherwise we are simply doing our job…. and in our eyes that’s not enough!

3) How do you compare to the national firms?

  • Have you ever called a large company with a call center and spoke with happy employees? I have four times: Microsoft support, Zappos, Moosejaw and Tennis Warehouse. We strive to provide that same customer experience every time you call us.
  • Our employees are Payroll Assure’s most important asset and are therefore treated as such.
  • We encourage you to call and ask our employees if they enjoy working for Benefits Assure. We feel if they are happy then our customers will be happy!

4) Do companies usually publish the cell phone numbers of managing members?

No. But we do. The ultimate accountability is accessibility to our customers. We won’t lose touch and you can contact us at any time.